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ater’s heating boiler steel of type the Unix is intended to power a central heating system and to prepare warm functional water. The heating boiler is adapted to the burn of solid fuels: of coal, dust-coal blend, wood and his waste. He has a structure about horizontal arranging water shelves constituting the main element of the heat’ exchanger. Comfortable put, the big loading door and a furnace chamber are facilitating the burn of big logs of wood. These heating boiler factory-made are adapted to the work with regulator of sequence (what don’t require using the electric energy by) and optional with set blowing which electronically is controlling the combustion process.



Unix- przekrój

Convenient access to the exchanger facilitating cleaning

Adapted to the assembly regulator of sequence

Big, comfortable put
Big combustion chamber

Cleaning the grate in the standard

Specifikations Table

Company KOŁTON is reserving without notice a right to transfer changes of technical parameters, to the specification the equipment and goods offered. Placed contents on the side are demonstrative and can differ depending on the size and the given equipment type of heating boiler.
Sketches, photographs and diameters are reflecting only one model heating boiler given type.