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An advantage of the heating boiler of the type SMOKER is its functionality The heating boiler is adapted to the burn of solid fuels so as: had coal, peas, of blends of dust-coal and big logs of wood. The combustion process is controlled through the microprocessor adjuster, which working in tandem with the fan he is keeping the temperature set by the user as well as is steering the functioning of the pump. With innovative solving the structure of the heating boiler like e.g. oblique put, the facilitating loading of fuel. The majority of elements getting the situated central heating back is vertically what is improving energy properties of the eating boiler, and dust and soot can freely fall to the settler. The heating boiler can also be adapted to the work with regulator of sequence. They are an original solution płomieniówki nadpaleniskowe which the most warmths are collecting, and are also dividing flames, for his better utilization in the back of the exchanger of the heating boiler. Working hours between fill in is taking out from 12 to 24 hours, depending on the isolation of the house and outdoor temperatures. The nominal strength of heating boiler of this type is beginning already by 18 kW up to 33 kW (1.5 m2 – 3.0 m2).

Characteristic SMOKER


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Smoker - przekrój

Controller with the PID with function manning 2 pumps

Casings with painted live galvanized sheet metals, strengthened stamping

Temperature sensor of the exhaust fumes assisting the controller with the PID algorithm, controlling the pump with Central heating and the second pump of warm functional water

Ergonomic put

Płomieniówki nadpaleniskowe dividing flames, in the destination of their better utilization in the back
Big chamber of hearth

Specifikations Table

Company KOŁTON is reserving without notice a right to transfer changes of technical parameters, to the specification the equipment and goods offered. Placed contents on the side are demonstrative and can differ depending on the size and the given equipment type of heating boiler.
Sketches, photographs and diameters are reflecting only one model heating boiler given type.