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APELLMAX is an automatic heating boiler adapted to the burn of biomass in the form pellets. Corps of the heating boiler, structured out in one totality of approved steel 6 mm thick. A plate structure of the exchanger which in the back has a cleaning special mechanism is a significant advantage of the heating boiler. This mechanism is fulfilling two functions: he is keeping the exchanger in the adequate cleanness as well as slows down exhaust fumes. The heating boiler reaching of that permanent, high-efficiency.
On equipping the heating boiler found an additional grate’ s hearth which the periodic burn of wood enables. Pellmax has a burner made of the select heat-resisting steel, equipped with the moving grate included cyclically during the work of heating boiler. The construction of the grate guarantees effective emptying the hearth of the cinder track coming into existence. Advanced automation manning the pump causes central heating, the domestic hot water, the floor and circulatory pump and the arrangement of lighting fuel, that the service of the heating boiler is bringing itself about to the essential minimum.

Characteristic PellMax



PellMax- przekrój


Lid of the storage container equipped with the gas shock absorber facilitating for her raising and supporting

The controller controlling 4 pumps

Big storage container- 300 l for pellet

Additional combustion chamber
Propulsion of cleaning smoke canals (automatic or manual)

Additional interchangeable grate

Innovative cleaning smoke canals

Efficient burner on pellet

Specifikations Table

Company KOŁTON is reserving without notice a right to transfer changes of technical parameters, to the specification the equipment and goods offered. Placed contents on the side are demonstrative and can differ depending on the size and the given equipment type of heating boiler.
Sketches, photographs and diameters are reflecting only one model heating boiler given type.