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Matix Max 250kW i 300 kW

Steel, welded heating boiler built of approved metal sheets 8 mm thick, equipped with the burner retort and electronic steering team. The corps of the heating boiler consists of panels in the shape of a rectangular arranged vertically parallel towards oneself, by what the heating boiler has a clenched structure, and at the same time a large surface of the convection. The Matix Max consists burner retort intended the burn of the coal for 5-28 mm granulations, equipped with canals supplying secondary air for improving the quality of the burn. A high-efficiency, an uncomplicated service, and meeting strict norms of the environmental protection are an advantage of the heating boilers. Matix Max is finding his application at warming objects about large surfaces like e.g. schools, industrial halls, boarding houses, hotels and the like.

Characteristic Matix Max 250-300

MatixMax 250-300


MatixMax- przekrój


Modern controller with the intuitive menu and controlling 4 pumps

Modern design

Big storage container- 750 l
Branded components

The clenched structure and the large surface of the receipt of the warmth

Additional canals supplying secondary air

Specifikations Table

Company KOŁTON is reserving without notice a right to transfer changes of technical parameters, to the specification the equipment and goods offered. Placed contents on the side are demonstrative and can differ depending on the size and the given equipment type of heating boiler.
Sketches, photographs and diameters are reflecting only one model heating boiler given type.