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MATIX is a multiday heating boiler with the storage container and the automatic feeder of fuel. Coal the sweet pea about the granulation of 5-25 mm is being metabolised in the retort burner with the participation of the airflow fan. The highest temperature in the cast-iron burner lets for getting the smokeless burn, low emission and the high-efficiency 87-89 %. The contoller is monitoring the water temperature in the heating boiler and is steering the functioning of feeder, blower, pumps as well as can work in tandem with the indoor thermostat. An equipment is a significant advantage of the heating boiler into the additional cast-iron hearth grate. It allows for works of the heating boiler in emergencies, as well as for the periodic burn of wood and other fuels. MATIX can work in the constant way without putting out in the entire period when flats are centrally heated. Automation allows for preparing warm functional water also in the summer period. The heating boiler is holding the ecological seal of approval confirmed ICHPW with ICHPW examinations. on a one-off basis fill in with fuel allows for the several days’ unattended work.

Characteristic MATIX


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Matix- przekrój

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Lid of the storage container equipped in the gas shock absorber facilitating for her raising and supporting

Friendly in the service the controller which the possibility of guidance 4 has with pumps independently (pump of the central heating, pump of the boiler, floor pump, circulation pump)

Casings from painted live galvanized sheet metals, strengthened stamping

Branded applied sub-assemblies in the heating boiler are guaranteeing his long vitality and the failure-free work
Regulated inflow of air improving the combustion process

The extended circulation of the exhaust fumes and vertical situating combustion channels

Additional exchangeable grate

The big ash pan chamber is reducing the frequency of choosing ash

Specifikations Table

Company KOŁTON is reserving without notice a right to transfer changes of technical parameters, to the specification the equipment and goods offered. Placed contents on the side are demonstrative and can differ depending on the size and the given equipment type of heating boiler.
Sketches, photographs and diameters are reflecting only one model heating boiler given type.