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It is built from the best quality components available on the European market. The device is extremely quiet and thanks to its modern design it looks perfect around the house. The AIRKOMPAKT heat pump has a number of pressure and anti-freeze protection measures making it extremely safe to use.

The heat pump uses a reversible operating mode to defrost the evaporator. The defrosting of this heat exchanger is based on an algorithm that starts the process only if necessary. The algorithm was developed in cooperation with the Center for Sustainable Development and Energy Respect of the AGH (University of Science and Technology) in Miękinia. The use of this algorithm is a much better solution in comparison to other heat pumps where defrosting is performed temporarily, even when it is not necessary. The reversible mode is also used to operate the heat pump as a summer air conditioner.

air/water heat pump manufactured by KOŁTON company is a modern heating device with ecological refrigerant R290A and which is located outside the building. The advantages of the R290.

The advantages of the R290A refrigerant heat pump used in AIRKOMPAKT pumps:

  • Lower discharge pressure results in lower energy consumption, lower noise and longer compressor life,
  • Thanks to this factor, the pump achieves a high condensation temperature at lower pressures compared to other factors,
  • This pump can also operate at very low outside temperatures thanks to the R290A refrigerant.
  • Higher COP due to better physicochemical properties,
  • No need to register the device,
  • Propane has a zero ozone depletion potential (ODP=0) and a very low global warming potential (GWP=3) and has a negligible impact on the global warming.


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  • Built-in coolingfunction
  • Built-in evaporator defrost by reversing the circuit
  • Very quiet operation both day and night.
  • The best automatics available in Poland is provided by TECH STEROWNIKI.
  • Built-in Soft-Start device reducing the in-rush current
  • Controller with the possibility of connecting to the Internet and preview of current parameters on a computer or in an application on a mobile device
  • Possibility to protect the pump against freezing in case of power failure by using a UPS battery.
  • Protection of the equipment by means of double pressure protection.
  • Possibility of using the device for detached houses up to 260sqm area.
  • Cost savings compared to a ground pump, no need to drill expensive holes
  • The pump for outdoor installation saves space in the boiler room and the modern design fits perfectly into the façade of the house.
  • Possibility to cooperate with other heat sources such as electric boilers, pellet boilers.
  • Circulating pump with infinitely variable speed control.

Pompa ciepła
  • R290 (propane) ecological refrigerant, zero ozone depletion potential and greenhouse effect potential, not requiring special gaseous rights from the installer and not requiring user registration of the equipment
  • High cooling capacity up to 4.2 COP
  • The minimum temperature of the air as the lower heat source is -25°C.
  • A high flow temperature of up to 65°C allows the pump to be used in a radiator system.
  • Possibility of automatic switching on the second heat source: electric heater, pellet boiler, gas or oil boiler

The heat pump can be operated in a hybrid system with a pellet boiler.

Pellet boiler with a factory-fitted controller, allowing for its operation and control will be activated from the master controller controlling the hybrid heating system or the heat pump controller, which will perform such a role.

  • If the COP of the heat pump is less than 2, it switches on the pellet boiler by switching off the heat pump.
  • If the pellet boiler does not reach the preset temperature and the flow temperature does not increase by at least 4K per hour, it switches on the heat pump as an additional device.

We are the only manufacturer in Europe to present a hybrid system that consists of renewable heat sources:
  • Air heat pump with ecological refrigerant R290 - propane
  • Pellet boiler with Eco Project certificate, which will be introduced in 2020 and is already in force in Małopolska.

With stricter building regulations, it will be necessary to use renewable energy sources for heating that reduce the primary and final energy demand of the building. The design as well as the first prototypes of the device were developed in cooperation with the Center for Sustainable Development and Energy Conservation of the AGH (University of Science and Technology) in Miękinia.


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1. Vibration isolators to reduce the vibration and noise of the equipment
2. The base of the device
3. Streamlined design feathers minimize fan noise
4. Quiet fan from ZIEHL-ABEGG with blades in the shape of bird wings to minimize noise.
5. The top of the housing is made of radiation-resistant and weatherproof material.
6. Electric box with automation from European components and intuitive controller from Tech Company
7. A non-return valve that allows the unit to operate as an air conditioner
8. The inspection glass provides a view of the correct operation of the system.
9. Copeland compressor located on insulators to reduce the vibration of the unit suitable for use with R290A refrigerant
10. High-quality stainless steel heat exchanger from Sweep
11. Filter
12. The separator of liquid, causes additional evaporation and increases the temperature of the refrigerant
13. An electronic expansion valve that maintains the pump's maximum capacity
14. The 4-way valve allows the pump to operate as an air conditioner in summer and defrosts the evaporator
15. Drip tray designed to collect the condensate after defrosting
16. Evaporators designed for climatic conditions of Central Europe, especially for Poland with wider lamella spacing, minimizing defrosting frequency
17. Easy to assemble.