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  • pokaz slajdów z kotłami CO
  • pokaz slajdów z kotłami CO
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Producer of heating boilers C.O.

Effective heating

We welcome you on the website companies KOŁTON. We are a producer of heating boilers providing services uninterruptedly from 1979. We produce select heating boilers to solid fuels. They are in our offer among others: heating boilers to solid fuels like coal, wood, biomass and with the feeder on pellet and to ecopeas.

For the production of heating boilers we are using exclusively approved materials and every our hating boilers is functional and aesthetically made. Certificates are confirming the quality of hating boilers to the compliance with the norm PN-EN 303-5 and certificates of the biosecurity of heating boilers.

We are standing the production technology to the intense development, for that purpose incessantly we are investing in our machines. Thanks to that we are a producer of heating boilers C.O. which fully independently is producing offered products. Using CNC fine cutters, modern of semi-automatons of welding, precise edge presses and laser and plasmic cut-off machines, we are creating high quality products.

Casings and particular elements of produced heating boilers C.O. constructed are at exploiting techniques CAD-CAM allowing for producing of modern and aesthetic high quality heating boilers

We are not only a producer of heating boilers, using time offs of production capacities we are providing also the following services:
- laser cutting or CNC plasma of metal sheets 1500 x of 3000 mm about the thickness up to 15 mm,
- guillotine cutting metal sheets 12 mm thick,
- bending metal on edge CNC presses sheets 10 mm thick and 3000 mm long
- welding carbon steels and rusteels,
- cutting out on the revolver CNC fine cutter.